Need to Build a Fence? Rent It!

The portable services industry has grown tenfold in the past two decades. Industry veterans believe that this is a direct result of substantial development across industries. The increasing demand for more homes, offices, shopping malls and highways, the growing need for repairs, the substantial rise in the number of local and international events- have all contributed equally towards the tremendous growth of the portable, rental services industry. Today, the cost of quality products and solutions has multiplied and it is no longer economically viable to invest in buying products that could be rented even more conveniently at very reasonable costs. As an event organizer or contractor, you would not want to buy a particular kind of fence when you could rent a fence just as easily at half the cost, would you!

A number of options and providers therefore, are now available for different construction, event, and other related needs. So, from fence rentals (barricade fences, construction fences, chain link fences, windscreen, temporary fences, etc.) and temporary power options, to portable toilets, portable sinks, just about everything is available on rent!

The Internet alone supports hundreds of sites that provide a range of high quality, cost-effective rental equipment. Just search ’rentafence’ or ‘national rent a fence companies’ in Google and you’ll know what I mean! Easily available renting solutions like fences are a really convenient way to create a safe, secure work environment for employees, customers and the general public around commercial, industrial and utility facilities and are one of the most searched renting equipment today.

There is a wide range of very effective perimeter security fence products (like rental fences) available as cost-effective ways of adding security to commercial and industrial property, and can be used for crowd control and to establish safety barriers at construction & repair sites, major special events surrounding bowl games, parades and marathon or triathlon events.

Renting options like popular rent-a-fence solutions, also have another distinct advantage. Most rental firms, apart from providing construction fences, barricades, toilets etc. on rent, also furnish the required manpower to set up and remove the equipment after the event. So, once you hire a rental solutions provider, you can conveniently concentrate on the work at hand.

This saves a lot of time and resources in transporting, managing and installing the rented material. Frankly, building a fence, or setting up a construction or event site was never this easy! Additionally, you are free of the worry of storing equipment after the event is over. So, with rental fences and other such rental equipment, you also save what you would need to spend on buying and maintaining storage areas.

Need to Rent A Fence? Find the right provider first! To start with, it is important to identify what you need first. Only after you have identified what you need (construction fence etc.), its quality, quantity and level of rental support, should you start your search for a reliable portable services provider. While the best situation would be to have a tried and tested organization recommended to you by someone you know, you could try the Internet to expedite your short-listing process.

There are hundreds of organizations listed on the Internet that provide efficient, competent and cost-effective support for different types of rental fences, restroom rentals, mobile storage containers, temporary power alternatives, etc. Established names like National Construction Rentals (also known as National Rent-a-Fence and National Event Services) have, in fact, been making specific fence rental solutions available for a number of events like state, county and community fairs, golf tournaments, concerts, parades, racing (NASCAR, go-cart, etc), air shows, festivals, circus and animal shows, carnivals, sports arenas and other sporting events, weddings and other special events, church events, expositions and exhibitions, convention and show services, parties, etc. for over 44 years! So, it would definitely be a really good idea to try and find such established players while considering a portable services provider.

Short-listing is an important part of the entire exercise, for anyone experienced in the industry could tell you that something as simple as not having the right fencing for a given event (or a construction/ repair site) could lead to some really serious accidents and consequent repercussions. So what do you do? Most recommend calling the short-listed agency and having an in-depth talk about your requirements, specific time-frames and costing. If you are convinced, you could have someone check out the rental fence available (or whatever it is that you need to rent) in stock and clinch the deal. Make sure that you are completely satisfied with the type and quality of the product before you commit. Renting equipment that does not meet the defined standards could lead to accidents, and consequently, legal action that could draw you into the controversy as well! However, once you are able to identify a reliable rental agency, it would make your future searches that much easier. Also, having an experienced and reputable company to install temporary fence for you is still many times more convenient than having to deal with it yourself! So, spend some time in finding the right rental service initially; you’re sure to appreciate the amazing benefits it can offer!

Author's Bio: Sherri Robbins Marketing Director National Construction Rentals Sherri joined National as the Marketing Director on May 2, 2005. Here previous career experience was in direct marketing, developing strategies for new customer development. She earned her Bachelors degree in Business Administration from University of Phoenix. Prior to coming to National, she worked at Universal Studios Hollywood for 5 years as a Corporate Sales Manager. While employed at Universal she managed several sales channels, one providing walk-up discounts and the other, marketing direct to consumer via the largest employers and universities located in southern California. In 2001, she won the E.T. sales award for launching a new sales channel utilizing guerilla marketing tactics.